My Next Big Thing(s)

So I was recently tagged by the dynamic Andrew Drage in his Next Big Thing post, which I highly recommend reading. Andrew is incredibly prolific in his output, and has some rather interesting projects on the boil that I’ll get back to in a second.

I’m going to go old school with the format, and take it back to a sock puppet conversation asking myself five questions.

1) What’s your last big thing of 2012, Kevin?

Ooh – that’s a tough one, Kevin. I enjoy every chance I get to be behind a microphone, and while it might sound a little trite, every project has its own unique challenges – they’re all about hitting the right mark. But, if I had to pick one thing from last year, it would have to be the privilege of voicing Judge Dredd for Tin Man Games.

Firstly because the name itself carries so much cultural cachet – it’s instantly recognisable. But also because the performance has gotten great feedback, and because Tin Man Games have a deft touch in spicing their game with voice over carefully. I believe that voice over, like music, is a tool that can be used too much in a game.

While it’s not really a project per se, a close second would be the updated character demo reel I put together with Scott Burns last year in Seattle. I did the same thing in 2010 with Scott, and I could really feel the improvement that two years of pushing my skills had brought. And Scott worked his butt off to bring together an amazing showcase that I’m really proud of.

2) Thanks for that detailed answer, Kevin. You handsome rascal. Now, what are your Next Big Things for 2013?

Well, this year is looking like it’s going to be INSANE, in the best of ways. I locked myself away for a few days at the start of this year to implement Getting Things Done to get some better tools in place ahead of the storm. I’ve got more time to dedicate to voice over this year, a backlog of fun projects to clear, and some awesome stuff already in the pipeline.


The Calling Promo Image

The Calling

First up in the new year is Andrew Drage’s THE CALLING, the companion album to the novel THE DARK HORDE. I’m very, very excited to be part of this.

I love a good apocalyptic story, and oh boy. The script. The gorgeous script! My narration will intersperse between musical tracks, which I’m really looking forward to – I love it when the performance is put in a broader context.


Destiny Sets cover art

Destiny Sets

I’m also very excited about Destiny Sets, an audiobook of a novel by Brisbane-based author Karen Fainges. This project has been on the back-burner for a little while, so it’s going to be great to get it out there for you to listen to finally!




And lastly, there’s a super-secret-squirrel project I can’t say anything more about right now, called ALTERED. All I can say for the moment is that I’m working with a local entertainment industry mentor (Robert Galinsky), a Brisbane-based writer and dear friend Peter M. Ball, and I have a voice talent interested who I’m EXTREMELY excited to potentially be working with.

3) What excites you about these projects?

They’re working with great material, and they present great chances to flex different acting muscles. Plus, I get to work with great people!

The role in THE CALLING is laden with urgency, purpose and remorse, so he’s going to be a real live wire to connect to in the studio. And at the same time, that kind of character requires a real deft touch not to perform as a one-note cliche.

Destiny Sets presents a huge challenge in differentiating a much larger cast of characters than my last audiobook, which had two principal characters. And a vast range of emotions as characters go through huge transformative arcs that Karen somehow manages to pack in.

As for ALTERED, well. More to come on that. Lots, LOTS more.

4) Where can people find out more about these projects?

Ooh – great question, Kevin! I’ll be pimping both THE CALLING and Destiny Sets over here. If you want to be sure not to miss anything, you can sign up for my regular newsletter, where I’ll most definitely be mentioning them.

If you’d like to hear more about ALTERED when details come to light, you can sign up here for emails delivered piping fresh to your inbox.

5) Who have you tagged?

Ah, here’s where I do tweak the format slightly. I’m passing the torch on to one proud soul. May I present:


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Cameron Rogers, author of ‘The Music of Razors’ and screenwriter for Remedy Entertainment.
  • Andrew Drage

    Awesome read Kevin! Love it! :)
    (Andrew Drage)

  • Kevin Powe

    Glad you enjoyed it, Andrew! (sorry for not replying earlier – I’d thought I’d gotten to this comment since)

    I’m super-excited about THE CALLING, particularly after your most recent emails. (ssshh! Secret Squirrel!)