Here’s what clients have been saying about me!

Kevin's voice has allowed our trailer's AI character to come to life which not only provides a basis for the dialogue but also provides some world context at the same time which was really important for us to build at the same time.

We're very much looking forward to more content creation on the game and I'd love to use Kevin's amazing voice again. I would recommend Kevin in a heartbeat - easy going and easy to work with providing professional results. What more could you ask for?!

Dean Gifford
Preliminal Games

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a series of promotional videos. We found him and sought him out for his unique voice and range. He proved to adapt that voice further to fit our needs spot on. Add to that Kevin’s professional attitude and good nature and we look forward to working with him more and more.

John Santos
Producto Studios

Kevin was a pleasure to direct, jumping into the lead role in the play with passion and commitment. He supported me as Director by listening, sharing his ideas and taking on direction with ease, and as a result his role was an unforgettable one for the audience. His comedic timing was great, as was his intensity and dramatic responses. He fitted into the small ensemble beautifully and went above and beyond to help with technical aspects of the show, always willing to learn and hone his craft. Loved working with him and will certainly again

Anna Ruth Laird

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. We are happy to endorse you, and look forward to working together soon.

The Big Canvas

Working with Kevin was great, he very quickly grasped the style we wanted, and was fast and professional in producing the voice overs we required

Caswal Parker
Camshaft Software

Kevin's approach to voice over work was professional and efficient, but it was his enthusiasm and creative process that made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Kevin had a personal investment in the project that many creative professionals lack and his assistance in developing the project from concept through to completed work contributed to the quality of the outcome. I am already planning to work with Kevin again in the future and would have no hesitations in recommending his creative talent to others.

Stephan Schütze
Sound Librarian

Kevin. Powe! From the first take Kevin supplied us, we were very impressed by his professionalism and grasp of our concept. He took the time to deliver multiple takes, make suggestions, and improv where it suited the script.


Kevin Powe was recommended to us by Mary Kurek. Z3D is located in a primarily French-speaking location, so that could have led to distorted discussions, but everything went very well. Kevin accepted modifications with professionalism, and displayed great adaption to the needs of the project. Farmonix is mainly focused on voice acting, so the game couldn't have been completed without a voice actor. We really enjoyed this Canado-Australian collaboration.

Z3D Studios

“Kevin proved to be a total pro when working with him on his demo. His instincts were great and he nailed practically every piece of copy I threw at him. As a testament to his proficiency, we were able to record two different genre reels in the time most talent take to do one! I’m proud to showcase his work to prospective clients as an example of vocal performance.”

Scott Burns
Voice Over Actor (link goes to IMBD profile)

Kevin Powe went above and beyond our requirements when he recorded and developed these audio files. His readings are fantastic and the sound quality impeccable. Kevin is one of the best voice actors I've worked with, and we're looking forward to working with him again.

Patrick O'Duffy - Education Commissioning Editor
Cambridge University Press

I was fortunate to work with Kevin Powe on one of my audio drama projects. He was gracious enough to take the lead role and delivered a perfect performance. In one take! He nailed the character - his quirks, his moods, his reaction to other characters. It was a pleasure having Kevin in my drama; I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, talented voice actor.

George Stenson
DinoSoar Entertainment

The audio you sent was perfect...just what I was looking for. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to working with you again.

R.C Rogers
Rogers Audio

“Kevin Powe ranks as one of the best actors I’ve worked with. His handle on character and pace is prodigious, and he is highly accommodating. He takes on changes and direction with natural skill and enthusiasm, and makes each role his own, with brilliant and insightful character quirks and habits.”

Colin Smith
Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

I've consulted with Kevin about his voice over business and had the opportunity to explore connections with and for him. I found him to be talented both in his art form and his business ethics and operation - which is very important in such a fast-paced industry as games. No one has time to mess with someone who is unprofessional, slow, or not operationally sound. Kevin's background in commercial voice work is a plus for game developers who also want/need that perfect voice for promo. Additionally, Kevin's range is amazing, given his Aussie roots. This is one artist to create a relationship with right now.

Mary Kurek
Visibility Consulting

“Kevin Powe recorded a lengthy script, which included a number of technical terms. He took a great deal of trouble verifying pronunciation of unusual words,
and ensuring the presentation style met my requirements.
I was impressed with his professionalism and the quality of the final product. I would not hesitate to use his services again.”

Harriet Jordan - Education Instructional Designer
Cambridge University Press