• “Kevin Powe ranks as one of the best actors I’ve worked with.
      His handle on character and pace is prodigious, and he is highly accommodating.
      He takes on changes and direction with natural skill and enthusiasm, and makes
      each role his own, with brilliant and insightful character quirks and habits.”
      Colin Smith Core performer, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

Got an advertising spot you’re looking to put in front of potential customers? I can give you:

  • a high energy, go-go-go hard sell delivery to convince your customers that your message is the best thing since bacon salt
  • a warm, inviting conversational delivery giving you a friendly dialogue with your audience
  • a sombre, concerned read urging listeners of the importance of what you have to say

Got an audiobook, radio drama or video game you need some voice over for?

I can bring my understanding of drama, character and pacing to the table, filling your world with light and shadow, and living breathing characters.

Destiny Sets by Karen Fainges

I’m currently recording my next audiobook, Destiny Sets by Karen Fainges, which I’m enjoying immensely.

You can hear a sample here! (8mins 13secs)

Got dense technical information you need to deliver to students, clients or potential buyers? I can give you, along with clear enunciation and correct pronunciation:

  • a neutral delivery, giving a consistent, even result
  • an enthusiastic, interested delivery helping the message behind complex concepts stand out more clearly

If I haven’t listed your project specifically here, it’s not because I can’t help – it’s just because I’m being brief. Let me know what you’re looking for via the contact page and we can sort things out real quick!

I can:

  • give you the voice you need for your project, by listening to what you need, and asking the right questions.
  • work in-studio with prior arrangement (I’m based in Melbourne, Victoria) if you work through a particular studio by habit
  • with prior arrangement, patch through via ISDN link to your studio to help you direct the process
  • manage producing your audio either in my home studio or a local Melbourne studio if you just want it done, and prefer not to be involved in the process
  • for longer projects, keep you updated with sample work to ensure that we’re headed in the right direction

Why Choose Me?

Ten years experience in IT consulting and corporate training delivery have given me a rare combination of skills that are a big benefit to your voice over project. I’ve got a proven track record in:

Dealing directly with clients. I’m punctual, professional, and will manage expectations well ahead of time. If we make an appointment, I keep it. If I can’t, you’ll know about it well ahead of time. That means you can rely on me throughout the process. I love the work, but the ultimate priority is getting you what you need.

Delivering quality, on-time results to ensure that you’re happy. I stake my reputation on my customer service and your satisfaction. I don’t want a quick buck – I want customers who would unreservedly recommend me to their friends. Making you happy is the fuel that runs my engine, which is why I love this job.

Learning complex business domains and skills, on the fly. I’ve made a career out of presenting skills with confidence while often rapidly learning the finer details behind them. That keeps my brain two steps ahead of my mouth, which means a confident delivery for your voice work. But more importantly, it means I’ll quickly soak up any background knowledge we might need to work through, saving your time.

A solid understanding of character honed both through practical acting experience and study of dramatic structure, including improvisational theatre, for over ten years. That means a practised understanding of how to portray a particular persona with my voice. I’m able to understand and evaluate what’s required quickly, making the whole process quicker. Plus, I’m accustomed to really listening and taking direction, meaning we’ll get to the result you’re looking for.

All of that gives you someone who loves to play, but has extensive experience in the corporate world and knows when to be terse and professional. Someone who can learn what you need from me quickly, and turn around a result.

When we work together I’m going to be doing a lot of listening. I don’t claim to understand your business better than you, so I’m interested in what you’re looking for. I might suggest alternative approaches to specific direction, or need you to express a particular idea in another way, but ultimately this is about you.

Ready? Let’s Make Sweet, Sweet Audio Together

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Kevin Powe standing in a suit